• Sok-do (Velocity)
    Combining traditional Korean dance with contemporary movement, eight virtuoso male dancers driven by the rhythmic sounds of live Ajaeng music (traditional Korean stringed instrument) display extraordinary physical prowess in a journey propelled by varying velocities.
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Introduction of 'Sok-do'

Modern Table Dance Company
Modern Table Dance Company, led by choreographer KIM Jae-duk, is contemporary dance company which communicates with the audience through intuitive movements and gives a syn-aesthetic imagery and a fresh impression.

Based on contemporary dance, Modern Table mix stage musical, Pan-sori, rock and hip-hop performances that transgress borders between genres.

The Company drew global attention for its public sentiment and Korean material. It's repertoire is both publically and critically acclaimed in Korea for its unpredictable ideas and experimental works. By dancing with Korean lines in dynamic movements with male dancer troupe, Modern Table is making its own style.

Highlight video of Modern Table Dance Company