This year's Festival offers audiences the chance to discover four female choreographers who bring powerful imagery and artistry to the stage to put the spotlight on gender politics, misconceptions and connection.

  • Collective A | MIIN: Body to Body 29 May, 7.30pm

Fusing precise movements with a captivating soundscape, critically acclaimed choreographer Jin Yeob Cha examines how perceptions of beauty and femininity have evolved beyond the imposed traditional and contemporary; east and west, definitions.

Running Time: 60 minutes

  • Art Project BORA | MUAK 2 Jun, 7.30pm

Seven performers burst the confines of logic as they dismiss the notion that we watch dance and hear music exclusively. Using physical force, they dismantle a piano creating a live soundtrack through their movements, inviting the audience to see the sounds as a spectator and hear movement as a listener.

Running Time: 60 minutes

  • Double Bill | A Sense of Black & One Seventy-Fifth Second 5 Jun 7.30pm

The Festival draws to a close with a double bill which plays with our senses.

Soo Hyun Hwang | A Sense of Black

In Sense of Black the performers close their eyes throughout the show to create a shared experience with their audience.

Dance Project PPopKKi | One Seventy-Fifth Second

Yun Jung Lee’s thought-provoking work sees three dancers attempt to create a physical moment of balance and asks at the moment of collapsing, does balance indeed disappear?

Running Time: 90 minutes