Known for crossing artistic boundaries, Jin Yeob Cha is one of South Korea's most celebrated dancer and choreographer.

Made while Jin Yeob Cha prepares for a new online show, this documentary reveals a glimpse into the artist's process as she challenges herself to create work for a new performance culture in a post-COVID-19 era.

  • The film features clips of Jin Yeob Cha's visually striking performances including the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, as well as an interview with Jin Yeob Cha where she talks about what propels her to cross boundaries and take inspiration from ballet, modern dance, opera, musical theatre, film, and technology.
  • The Place's artistic director Eddie Nixon, choreographer Carolyn Choa and Coronet theatre director, Anda Winters will give an insight into Jin Yeob Cha's impact on Korea's contemporary dance scene and you'll see behind-the-scenes footage of the choreographer creating her new online work for the 25th Guangdong Prehistoric Culture Festival.
  • The new show reflects on 'humanity' and reveals how human feelings of apprehension and fear can transcend into hope and resilience over time, a message that aspires to ring true for the current COVID-19 pandemic.