Join Company SIGA, one of the hottest up & coming dance groups in Korea, for two UK premieres which showcase their spectacular, physically intense choreography.

  • In ZERO, the Company uses high energy rhythmic movement to draw the audience into a captivating performance that examines the potential of what the body can do when pushed, and what it can create through dance.
  • Drawing on hip hop influence, Equilibrium, plays with the idea of balance through a cycle of erratic physicality and intense moments of stillness. The work is inspired by the chaos and restored order that humans experience throughout their lifetime.

  • Tickets: Book by Wed 25 Aug to get an Early Bird Discount: £12 / £8 (concs) | Standard price £17 / £13 (concs)
  • Post-Show Talk, Thu 23 Sept: Join Company SIGA after the show for a discussion about their work.

About Company SIGA

Company SIGA began with the purpose of communicating and sympathising with our lives and people around us through our dancing. SIGA is an acronym which the company members coined using a Korean word, “시나브로[sinabro]”, and that means ‘little by little'.

The Company are pursuing a group work style that combines diverse movements and the artists own thoughts into one complete piece. In addition, they actively collaborate with artists outside of the Company who specialise in various genres to challenge new adventures for each piece of work and expand the spectrum of our dance "little by little".

Keeping ’Speed’, ‘Basic’ and ‘Body’ as the main three keywords of Company SIGA’s group dance pieces, they aim to create natural pace and flow of people living there own humane lives.

Production Credits:


Choreography: Hyuk KWON

Dancers: Soyeon KIM, Heajin KIM, Hyelim BYEON, Jihyeong AN, Jinyoung YANG, Heejong IM

Music: bluechan

Lighting Design: Yujin HONG

Costume: Wooseong KIM

Producer: Hana JO


Choreography: Jaeyoung LEE

Dancers: Hyuk KWON, Jaeyoung LEE

Music: bluechan

Lighting Design: Yujin HONG

Producer: Hana JO