• Somoo
    Named after a classical Korean mask, Somoo uses traditional Asian gestures to convey imagery of the female body through a feminist lens.
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  • A Long Talk To Oneself
    In this collaboration between choreographer/ dancer Bora Kim and film director Jae-Hyung Joo, Kim conducts a conversation with a video of herself projected on stage. Through expressive movement, Kim lays bare a deeply moving tenderness and fragility revealing stories from her own experiences.
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Art Project BORA
Art Project BORA is led by Kim Bora, who has emerged in recent years as Korea's most spotlighted choreographer. The Company has seen significant growth in recognition with performances both at home and abroad such as Japan, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Italy, Brasil, Uruguay and etc. Their continuous evolution has helped them build up a repertoire of style and colours that remain unique to themselves. As a dance company, Art Project BORA defies the rigid constraints of logic and concepts, creating a feast of images and senses.

Founded on contemporary dance, Art Project BORA embraces different fields such as visual arts, films, performance art, music, and fashion. It’s a group that leads in the field of experimental work through the exchange of different genres.
Not limited to performing in theatres, the Company aims to explore methods to connect with audiences, breaking the barrier of genres and space concepts.