Film info

Director: Yoon Ga-eun
Cast: Choi Soo-in, Seol Hye-in, Lee Seo-yeon
Cert U, 95mins, 2016

Sun is a lonely primary school girl who, though desperate to make friends, has has remained socially-outcast. When transfer student Jia joins her class, during the summer vacation the two become close friends, spending time at each others houses. Initially, Jia’s home brings the security and comfort that neither Sun’s own domestic space nor her classroom are able to provide. At the beginning of the new semester, however, their new friendship is tested as Sun continues to be the target of bullying by their other classmates...

Director Yoon Ga-eun invites us to closely observe the dynamic relationship of these two young girls, immersing us in their small world through its simple, unadorned storytelling. Sun’s experiences act as a microcosm through which we can observe how larger issues of social class differences and pressures filter down to affect even the lives of children. Yoon’s confident debut feature picked up numerous nominations and awards both at home and abroad, including Best New Director at South Korea’s prestigious Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2016.

Introduced by Octavian Dăncilă