The KCC House Concert will take place at 2: 30pm on Saturday 23 September at St James’ Church.

KCC House concert is proud to introduce Minsu SEO, a remarkably talented pianist whose musical journey has won worldwide honours.

The pianist SEO has emerged as a musical force, conducting concerts with the school orchestra, leading classical music ensembles, and being recognized as an academic ambassador and mentor. Her musical path diverged as she embarked on a transformative study abroad experience in Vietnam, enrolling at an Australian International School in Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2019, she secured the silver accolade at the New Talent Music Festival, a notable event conducted at the esteemed Harrow School in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, in 2020, she entered the Royal Academy of Music for her bachelor’s degree. Since then, she is presently advancing her musical odyssey under the tutelage of Professor Tessa Nicholson.

Join us this September at the KCC House Concert for an unforgettable musical experience with the extraordinary Minsu SEO, a rising star in classical music.


  • Bach Partita No.1
  • Haydn Piano sonata F major Hob:46
  • Chopin Scherzo No.1
  • Chopin Etude Op.10 No.12
  • Debussy Image Book. 1
    • reflets dans l'eau
    • hommage a rameau

Minsoo SEO (Pianist)

Currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music (under Professor Tessa Nicholson)

2023 Oxford University St. Mary's Church Recital

2022 Ealing Music Festival 2nd Prize Award

2019 Harrow School New British Talent Music Competition Silver Award