As part of our 140th anniversary celebrations of diplomatic relations between the UK and the Republic of Korea, the Michelin-starred restaurant Sollip will serve a Korean tea with their Korean-inspired mignardises at the Korean Cultural Centre UK. As they do in their London restaurant, Sollip will bring a marriage of European and Korean cuisine that combines both their cultural heritage and culinary training.

Sollip, a restaurant created by Woongchul Park and Bomee Ki, introduces Korean-influenced cooking interspersed with European techniques. They have achieved the Michelin one-star rating for two consecutive years, marking it as the first Korean restaurant in the UK to attain such recognition. Their dishes are elevated interpretations of the European classics combining Korean flavours and ingredients, whilst balancing traditional cooking techniques from home and modern Western culinary skills. The name Sollip translates to pine needle in Korean, which is understood to be one of the most effective natural ingredients to ignite smoke and flames in Korean cooking.

During the event, Korean traditional tea paired with four varieties of mignardises will be served, each conveying a message of cultural collaboration between the two countries. For one day only, join us to experience Sollip’s Korean-inspired afternoon tea at the Korean Cultural Centre UK.

To participate, kindly complete the application form linked below no later than 10am, 20th November. Our computer software will randomly select participants and notify them via email. We'll also create a waiting list, and if any selected participant cancels, we will offer the available spot to the next person on the waiting list, and so forth.

Event Details

- Date: 22 November 2023, 2-4 pm

- Venue: Korean Cultural Centre UK

- Application deadline: Monday 20 November 2023, 10 am

- Application form: Apply here

Image Credit: Sollip

Bomee Ki, Co-Founder/Pastry Chef of Sollip