Under the theme of ‘Korean Music & Community Wellbeing’, Korea Day will visit Leeds for the first time this June. The event will be held over 2 days, with performances of traditional Korean music and K-hip-hop. The event will also include a series of workshops on traditional Korean music, K-pop, Korean culture, and language.

Time Table

13 June

18:00 Keynote lecture by Dr Sunhee Koo

19:00 Korean traditional music concert with Joseon Punglyu Jeong(조선 풍류정)

14 June

10:00 - 16:00 Pop-up booths(Korean Street Food & Kimchi, Life Four Cuts Photo Booth, Korean Tradtional Games, Hanbok Experiences etc.)

10:00 Korean Music Workshop

11:00 Discussing the Korean hip-hop music industry with James An

12:00 Korean Jogakbo Patchwork Upcycling Workshop with Dr Hye-Won Lim

13:00 K-pop dance workshop with KDS

13:00 Musical landscapes of South and North Korea with Dr Sunhee Koo

14:00 K-pop/hip-hop workshop with James An

15:00 Korean Culture & Language workshop with Dr Cuie Xu

16:00 K-pop contest

19:00 James An K-Hiphop Concert

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