This event will be held in Korean.

With an academic theme, ‘Korea Day’ will visit Oxford on 8th June. A roundtable discussion with students will follow on from a lecture that will feature 3 prominent speakers, Dr. Seunghye Sun (Director, Korean Cultural Centre UK), Kihoon Kim (Head of the London Branch of the Bank of Korea) and Jongsun Kim (Head of the Korean Restaurant franchise YORI) .

The 2024 Korea Day at the University of Oxford offers a important platform for Korean talents to converge, exchange experiences, explore methods to bolster community support, and devise plans for greater integration into mainstream British society. The agenda includes:

  1. Sharing Experience: Talents from across the globe will discuss the challenges and triumphs encountered in their fields, providing valuable insights that aid in professional growth.
  2. Community Support Strategies: This session will focus on enhancing the Korean community's ability to support talent development through educational programs, mentoring, and networking events.
  3. Blueprint for Mainstream Success: Participants will formulate strategies and guidelines essential for Korean talents seeking to establish themselves in mainstream British society, covering educational and professional training, community collaboration, and policy initiatives.

These discussions are designed to foster the sharing of experiences, career enhancement, and strategic development for the benefit of the Korean community at large.