K-Pop is growing in influence globally, and now you can be a part of it!

A chance for any K-Pop fans, songwriter, artists or any Korean culture enthusiast to showcase their creative talent and kick-start or advance their careers. The winner of the K-Pop Contest will debut as a lyricist or album art designer, with an official credit on online music platforms.

Apply now to make your K-Pop dreams a reality.

Sneak peek at the benefits for the K-Pop Contest winner...

  • You will be registered as a lyricist on the track.
  • You will be credited as a lyricist on the music streaming platforms the song is on including Spotify, iTunes, Melon and KakaoMusic.
  • Korean professional vocalists and student artists from York St John University will record a song with your lyrics.
  • The song will be released as a single album - with the winning album cover design.
  • You will be presented the winner prize by the Head of the School of the Art at York St John University at the upcoming Yor-K (Korea festival in York).
  • Your song or artwork will be presented at the upcoming Yor-K (Korea Festival in York) at York Theatre Royal.

How to Apply

  1. Download and listen to the instrumental version of the K-Pop song soundtrack.
  2. Category 1: Lyric Writing - Write your own lyrics to match the track.
  3. Category 2: Album Artwork - Get inspired by the instrumental version of the K-Pop song soundtrack and Korean culture (anything from heritage sites, landmarks, food, to traditions). Then create your own design in the required format.
  4. For more details, please click each link below or visit www.yor-k.com

Contest Judges

  • Dr Robert Wilsmore, Head of the School of the Arts, York St John University
  • Dr Yeji Han, Lecturer in Korean and Linguistics, Languages and Linguistics, York St John University
  • Hoyeon Seo, Nomadmusic producer
  • Korean Cultural Centre UK

*Special Judges*

  • Singer-songwriter Hareem (YouTube, Facebook)
    Debuted in 1996 as a member of the group 'Ven'. In 2001, Hareem released his first Solo Album [Split Personality]. His second album [Whistle In A Maze] was released three years later in 2004. Some of Hareem’s popular songs are 'Departure', 'Love Forgotten By Another Love', and 'Incurable Disease'. He has presented world music performances based on his years of travel, and communicated in various ways through music plays such as 'The Gypsy's Table' and 'The Africa' and so on. He recently received a great response for touching with sincere performances and songs in JTBC 'Begin Again'.
  • Songwriter and pansori singer Ko Yeong Yeol
    JTBC 'Phantom Singer' second place
    KBS 'Immortal Songs' first place
    MBC 'King of Masked Singer'
  • Illustrator Wheelee
    Artbook, 'Going out without Permission'
    Picture essay book, 'Everyone has a garden'
    Advertisements, album covers, publications and more.