A ‘document’ is an accurate and official record, a memorialised representation capable of being used for reference, study, or as an accepted authority. Of particular interest in this exhibition is the exploration of what is lost in the transfer of information involved in the making of a digital document. To this end, TRANSFER includes works that flirt creatively with forms of ‘infidelity’ to the originals they document, and which thereby challenging the norms of such documentation.

TRANSFER is a research project involving artists, art historians, filmmakers, and digital scientists from academic institutions in the UK and Korea. By contrasting paintings by artists from a European and an East Asian nation the goal is to foreground commonalties and differences, and to ask questions about cultural influence in relation to the norms of the digital documentation of painting in general.

Simon Eaves | Sooyeon Hong |Alan Johnston | Inyoung Kim |Kim Taek Sang | Michael Kidner | Lee Ufan | Simon Morley | Anna Mossman | Rafaël | Daniel Sturgis with Jung-Ah Woo

Supported by Kim Eun Sic | Josef Konczak | Park Myungrae | Ian Skelton

Exhibition Partner:

University of Arts London

Additional Supporters:

Dankook University, POSTECH

*Opening reception is closed now.