Participants: Anyone not of Korean descent, must be over 18.

Please note that 1st prize winners from previous Korean Speech Contests cannot enter again, however, 2nd prize winners and runners-up from previous contests are welcome to apply again.

Group A: Those who have been taught regular Korean language for less than 180 hours ex) who has been studied up to Sejong Korean 3 level (Pre-Intermediate)

Group B: Those who have been taught Korean language for over 180 hours ex) who has been studied above Sejong Korean 3 level (Intermediate-Advanced)

*If you are still unsure which Group you are eligible for, please contact,

Themes: Applicants can choose either ‘the interest thing(s) what you’ve found during learning Korean’ or ‘free theme related to Korea’

Any props, video clips, ppt etc. are also welcome but let us know when you apply how you plan to include props in your presentation/speech.

Length of Speech: 3-4minutes

*Please keep your speech time. We are encouraging you to finish your speech in time and if so, you would get extra points.

Application Procedure

Application Deadline: 16 June 2019, 24:00

Required Documents: Application Form

For enrolment and further enquiries, please e-mail

Available Spaces: 30 successful applicants will be contacted by e-mail after the application window has closed.

Contest Evaluation Criteria Korean proficiency including pronunciation, grammar and expression, topic and content of theme, delivery of speech etc.


Gifts will be provided for the 1st and 2nd positions of each group.

Korean Speech Contest Application form