Korean Language Course

The Korean language course, the King Sejong Institute, at the KCCUK is a social education course that not only teaches the Korean language but also introduces Korean culture to students. The course includes a wider introduction to all aspects of Korean Culture through the language. Upon completing the course students will be able to express themselves in Korean on a vast range of topics.

Each course lasts 3 terms and takes 1 year to complete. For students of the higher levels, we ask you to take a brief level test (Reading, Writing and Speaking) in order to confirm that you are suitable for the level you have applied for.

1.Application Procedure

Application Period: 28 Nov-18 Dec 2019

Application forms received outside the application window will not be accepted.

How to apply:

Send us your application form on info@kccuk.org.uk. Once the application window has been closed our computer software will select at random the successful applicants first and then a waiting list, the names of which will be posted on our website and contacted by email with further details. Should any applicants cancel, their place will be offered to the first person on the waiting list and so on.

2. Student Selection Announcement: 20 Dec 2019

3. Number of places available

Beginners (Wed.) 20

Beginners (Sat.) 20

Intermediate (Wed.) 20

Advanced (Sat.) 20

4. Application Qualifications

- Everyone who is interested in learning Korean and over 18 years old.

- As the course is provided for a subsidised fee, we cannot accept applications from those who have dropped out before.

- Please note that the intermediate and advanced classes require certification of completion of previous levels or equivalent experience.

5. Class location

Seminar room, Korean Cultural Centre UK

Grand Buildings, 1 - 3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW

6.Courses Books

Beginner: Sejong Korean 1

Intermediate: Sejong Korean 2

Advanced: Sejong Korean 3

7.Course Fee

£50 per term (Payable by Cheque or Banker’s Draft)

Please make cheques payable to ‘Korean Cultural Centre UK’

The fee is not refundable after week 2 of the course.

8.Contact details

Korean Cultural Centre UK

Tel. 020 7004 2600

Email: info@kccuk.org.uk

Website: www.kccuk.org.uk

*application form is able to download here

Let's go to King Sejong Institute with actor Lee Min-ho