• Donyang Gozupa's UK Tour

    Sat. 29 Oct. 7.45 pm / Coventry Warwick Arts Centre (Bookings)
    Sun. 30 Oct. 8 pm / Music Room, Liverpool Philharmonic (Bookings)
    Tue. 1 Nov. 8 pm / Norwich Arts Centre (Bookings)

Dongyang Gozupa

Dongyang Gozupa’s music is not confined to one genre. In a hard-hitting combination of progressive, post-rock and the psychedelic possibilities of the yanggeum (Korean metal-stringed zither), the name Dongyang Gozupa translates as ‘eastern high frequency’, providing a clue to their music – a trail-blazing, percussion-driven sound with the yanggeum at its centre.

Thanks to their outstanding performance, the band has been selected in WOMEX for the second consecutive year from 2020 to 2021. Since then, the trio has built their global presence by a number of international festival appearances and headline shows including at the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF), the largest music festival in Malaysia and WOMAD Chile in 2022. The band’s Southbank Centre debut is a part of their international tour this year followed by their performances in Denmark.

Band Members:

Dohyuk Jang (Percussion)

Eunhwa Yun (Yanggeum)

Minhwi Ham (Bass)

  • “You won’t believe that they are only three on stage, with the bass and percussion blending and creating an experience that is intense, powerful, beautiful and colourful” -WOMEX