To celebrate the West End launch of the award-winning musical' Marie Curie', we will offer an opportunity to enjoy the full-length film of the musical with the original Korean cast.

The performance being screened was recorded live and features Joohyun Ock and Sophie Kim (Sohyang Kim) who both portrayed Marie Curie during the 2020 run in Seoul.

After the screening, the actors Joohyun Ock, Sophie Kim (Sohyang Kim), and producer will discuss their roles and share their insights about the production.


  • Joohyun Ock

Following on from a successful career in K-pop with the girl group Fin. K.L, Joo Hyun Ok became a musical actress in 2005. She has showcased her exceptional singing and acting skills in various productions including the musical "Aida". Her award-winning career also includes performances in "Chicago", "Cats", and"42nd Street".

옥주현 프로필.jpg
  • Sophie Kim (Sohyang Kim)

Following on from her debut in 2001 in the musical "Gospel", Sophie Kim (Sohyang Kim) played the main role in the Broadway touring musical ‘Sister Act’. In 2023, she performed as Nannerl Mozart in "Mozart!" and as Frida Kahlo in "Frida" and in 2024, she played the title role in "Marie Antoinette".

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  • Tom Ramsay

Tom Ramsay is a playwright known for his work on the English-language adaptation of the musical "Marie Curie." The musical, which originally premiered in South Korea, tells the story of the renowned scientist and her groundbreaking discoveries. Ramsay adapted the original Korean book to make it accessible and engaging for English-speaking audiences.