The colour of her songs come from her wide and varied musical background, learning Korean traditional instruments and opera as well as singing in a hard-core rock band - all of this feeding into her musical diversity.

  • ‘Her mix of melodic acoustic themes, powerful vocals, and sheer lyrical prowess, definitely struck the right chord with punters. From the moment Gonne stepped on stage, she was simply breath-taking, and her stage presence was overwhelming. Each set was an emotional rollercoaster ride. Throughout, there was raw energy pumping out of every pore, washing over those watching’ (Cubed3)
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Gonne Choi - Highlander

Gonne Choi has performed at Glastonbury Festival, returning this year before her European tour and K-Music 2019 performance.

  • ‘There was risk-taking in the vocals, which displayed a range and agility that reminded me of Youn Sun Nah; and the set included some lovely takes on traditional Korean folk songs. She was the highlight of the evening. Definitely one to watch’ (London Korean Links)
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Gonne Choi - I Am Water