Kwon Song Hee / Vocal
An Yi Ho / Vocal
Chun Hyo Jeong / Vocal
Jang Young Gyu / Bass
Noddy Woo / Bass
Lee Yong Jin / Drums

LEENALCHI, led by the highly acclaimed bassist and producer Jang Young Gyu, has gained global recognition with their unique creation 'Tiger Is Coming,' captivating millions of viewers. The vocalists of LEENALCHI skillfully blend traditional Pansori with elements of alternative rock and pop, showcasing infectious expression and astounding technique. The songs are propelled with understated beauty by their rhythm section, which incorporates elements of funk, rock, and disco. In 2022, LEENALCHI made a successful debut in London and has since won numerous awards, including Musician of the Year at the Korean Music Awards. They are now ready to captivate audiences at prestigious international music festivals. Their much-anticipated new album, set to be released this autumn, will have its international premiere at the K-Music Festival.

  • “LEENALCHI’s modern take on traditional music was employed for the Korea Tourism Organization ‘Feel the Rhythm of Korea’ video series and the band won three prizes at the Korean Music Awards in 2021 for Musician of the Year, Best Modern Rock Song, and Best Jazz and Crossover Album.” (Forbes)