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이날치 LEENALCHI - Feel the Rhythm of KOREA: SEOUL



Kwon Song Hee / Vocal
An Yi Ho / Vocal
Chun Hyo Jeong / Vocal
Jang Young Gyu / Bass
Noddy Woo / Bass
Lee Yong Jin / Drums

Metronome 07.11

As part of the K-Music Festival, LEENALCHI will embark on a tour of the UK, starting at the Metronome in Nottingham, followed by the Howard Assembly Room in Leeds, and wrapping up at the Southbank Centre in London. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in their incredible musical journey as they tour the UK this year.

LEENALCHI, led by the highly acclaimed bassist and producer Jang Young Gyu, has gained global recognition with their unique creation 'Tiger Is Coming,' captivating millions of viewers. The vocalists of LEENALCHI skillfully blend traditional Pansori with elements of alternative rock and pop, showcasing infectious expression and astounding technique. The songs are propelled with understated beauty by their rhythm section, which incorporates elements of funk, rock, and disco. In 2022, LEENALCHI made a successful debut in London and has since won numerous awards, including Musician of the Year at the Korean Music Awards. They are now ready to captivate audiences at prestigious international music festivals. Their much-anticipated new album, set to be released this autumn, will have its international premiere at the K-Music Festival.

Howard Assembly Room 08.11

After their performance in Nottingham, LEENALCHI is set to continue their tour at the Howard Assembly Room in Leeds as part of the K-Music Festival. This is your last opportunity to experience their captivating musical journey before this year with a grand finale in London. Don't miss out on this chance to be part of their remarkable performance!

LEENALCHI, led by renowned bassist and producer Jang Young Gyu, has attracted millions of viewers with their innovative work 'Tiger Is Coming' and has garnered an international reputation. The vocalists of LEENALCHI blend classical Pansori with alternative rock and pop elements, showcasing contagious expressivity and astonishing talent. Their rhythm section, drawing influences from funk, rock, and disco, propel the tunes with understated grace. Following a successful London debut in 2022 and several accolades at the Korean Music Awards, including Musician of the Year, LEENALCHI is poised to enthral crowds at prestigious festivals across the world. The K-Music Festival will host the world premiere of their eagerly awaited new album, scheduled to be released this autumn.

LEENALCHI known for their unique creation Tiger Is Coming, became an online sensation. Jang Young Gyu, the band's bassist and producer, is a highly acclaimed figure in the contemporary Korean music scene, leading notable bands and projects like Uhuhboo Project and Ssing Ssingin 2018.

  • “LEENALCHI’s modern take on traditional music was employed for the Korea Tourism Organization ‘Feel the Rhythm of Korea’ video series and the band won three prizes at the Korean Music Awards in 2021 for Musician of the Year, Best Modern Rock Song, and Best Jazz and Crossover Album.” (Forbes)

In their London debut last year at The Coronet Theatre, part of the "Tiger Is Coming Tour 2022," LEENALCHI celebrated contemporary Korean art, performance, and culture. Their groundbreaking music style, blending rap, vocals, bass, and drums, earned them three prestigious awards at the 18th Korean Music Awards, Musician of the Year and Best Modern Rock Song.

After their 2022 performances in Europe, LEENALCHI will fascinate audiences at festivals like Roskilde, Pohoda, Womad, and the FMM festival in Portugal. Their upcoming album, premiering at the K-Music Festival in the UK, offers an exclusive opportunity to immerse oneself in their latest creations.

이날치 LEENALCHI - 호랑이 뒷다리 Tiger's Third Leg [Official M/V]




Lee Il-woo / Electric guitar, Piri, Taepyeongso
Kim Bo-mi / Haegeum
Sim Eun-yong / Geomungo
B.K Yu / Bass
Choi Jaehyuk / Drums

JAMBINAI have revolutionised the Korean music scene with their groundbreaking sound, merging intense post-rock with folk, metal, jazz, and ambient electronic elements. Their alluring music transcends boundaries and has amazed audiences worldwide.

  • “An enthralling post-rock group – imagine Godspeed You! Black Emperor melded with strange and wonderful traditional instruments” (The Guardian)
  • "Epic folk-rock that proves there’s more to Korea than K-pop” (Songlines)
  • "Post-punk gusto, summoning a brutalist cacophony that is leavened by passages of exquisite tranquillity and post-rock progression” (Q)
  • “Korea’s JAMBINAI impressed with their genre-blurring sound, applying traditional folk instruments to eruptive instrumental drone-rock reminiscent of Sonic Youth” (Times)
  • "A triumph. Countless bands can switch from quiet to loud effectively; few do it with such overwhelming power as JAMBINAI” (MOJO)
  • “Drawing on post-rock and metal, they were soon astonishing audiences at festivals around the world as leaders of the new wave in Korean music” (Evening Standard)
  • “A thrilling, constantly surprising set in which gently hypnotic passages suddenly give way to a crash of guitars” (Songlines)

The band has astounded crowds at renowned music festivals like Glastonbury, SXSW, WOMEX, WOMAD, Primavera, and the Southbank Centre's Meltdown, as well as the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Their award-winning album ONDA on Bella Union, including the prestigious Songlines Music Awards 2020 for Best Album in Asia, showcased their unrivalled talent.

JAMBINAI recently released their highly anticipated EP, Apparition, which reflects their exceptional ability and takes listeners on an emotional journey through recent years. From navigating lockdowns and shattered dreams to the resurgence of creativity and boundless hope, this release captures their tumultuous experiences.

JAMBINAI: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert