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Minhee Park / Vocal

Hyewon Choi / Synthesizer, Sampler, Percussion

This duo band has graced the stages of the 2021 and 2022 SXSW Music Festivals, capturing NPR and featuring them as an exciting discovery. They performed at the prestigious Primavera Sound Festival, representing Korean artists.

Live - credit at National Theater of Korea_947*436.jpg
  • “Hypnoticand enthralling.” (Bob Boilen, NPR)
  • "Haepaary broke the rules of tradition…. With the combination of traditional Korean instruments and electronic elements, the calculated intensity of their songs drew out ancient swells alongside contemporary rhythms.” (SXSW2021)
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In 2022, they won the Korean Music Awards Grand Prize for Best Electronic Song with go to gpd and Best Electronic Album for Born By Gorgeousness. Selected by WOMEX, HAEPAARY stands as a groundbreaking musician in the global music scene.

해파리 HAEPAARY - 경포대로 가서 go to gpd and then (Big Day South 2022)