Sangkyung Lee / Yanggeum, Janggu

Minju Sohn / Unla, Janggu

Hagyeong Kim / Ggwaenggwari, Janggu

This trio is an all-female percussion ensemble that reinterprets and performs traditional Korean music. With a diverse range of percussion instruments like the yanggeum (hammered dulcimer), ulla (a set of gongs), and janggu (slim waist drum), groove& enthrals audiences with hypnotic and infectious music. They have performed at prestigious events including World Music Expo 2022, Mundial Montreal 2021, Seoul Music Week 2021-2022 and Journey to Korean Music 2021


Soothing, light, joyous, playful, spirited and ear-catching, this trio of gentle ladies is admirable for its contagious passion of rhythmic explorations as abstract ideas like 'knowledge', 'happiness' or even 'intensity' dance throughout the music produced. Charming and hypnotic“ Gavin Poonoosamy (MAURITIUS) / Director of MAMA JAZ

Recently, they received the Grand Prize from the esteemed 21st Century Korean Music Project. groove& pushes the boundaries of traditional Korean music, infusing it with innovative interpretations and undeniable passion.



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Sora Kim / Janggu, Jing, Yanggeum

Jihye Lim / Gayageum

This duo band is an exceptional Korean folk duo led by percussionist and composer So Ra Kim, who draws inspiration from nature to create breathtaking performances. They blend the melodies of the gayageum, a 25-stringed Korean harp, with vibrant percussive rhythms, resulting in a captivating musical experience.

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DUO BUD's innovative fusion of percussion and the gayageum has garnered international recognition, including being selected as showcase artist at WOMEX 2018 and Mundial Montreal 2018. They have mesmerised audiences at prestigious festivals such as SXSW, World Sacred Spirit Festival, and Taiwan Golden Melody Awards, and have embarked on world tours in cities like Chicago, New York, Taiwan, and India. Their unique approach pushes the boundaries of traditional sound, creating a harmonious blend with exceptional talent and artistic expression.

  • "Musical instruments gaeryang gayageum and janggu enthralled the audience and made emotions dance in the divinity of the music played." Indulge-The New Indian Express