The Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK) presents Minhwa: The Beauty of Korean Folk Paintings, in partnership with Keimyung University Korean Minhwa Center, from 5th April 2019 to 18th May 2019. The exhibition introduces Minhwa, Korea’s traditional paintings each illustrating people’s hopes and dreams through unconventional but artistic expressions.

By definition, Minhwa is the artwork of the common people. Flourishing in the 19th century, Minhwa was widely created by unknown artisans to decorate homes and to celebrate joyful family occasions such as weddings and birthdays. Unlike the traditional court paintings of aristocrats, Minhwa depicted the unique representations of objects and scenery without any formality and disciplines, rather by embracing bold colours and a childish style. For that reason, Minhwa has traditionally been viewed as a secondary art form despite having such a rich tradition and widespread popularity. Nonetheless, the tradition of Minhwa has endured for centuries because it is seen to ‘touch the soul of the people’.

Minhwa: The Beauty of Korean Folk Paintings comprises 20 paintings from 19 Minhwa painters from Keimyung University Korean Minhwa Center. Following in the footsteps of the traditional Minhwa painters, the exhibition presents 5 different categories of Minhwa including flowers, animals, scenery, iconology, bookshelves and stationery.

Spanning the major genres and themes of traditional Minhwa, this exhibition presents audiences with the opportunity to encounter Minhwa in all its glory whilst taking a glimpse at the mythology, beliefs and views of the Korean people.

In partnership with Keimyung University Korean Minhwa Center


Kwon Jungsoon, Kim Kyungnam, Kim Miroung, Kim Mijung, Kim Hyekyung, Park Kyungsook, Park Myeongho, Bae Hyangsuk, Song Kowoon, An Eulsoon, Woo Sukja, Yu Mira, Yoon Misun, Lee Sunghyeon, Lee Younghee, Lee Jungyoung, Lee Changhee, Jang Jonghee, Han Jinhee


Thursday 4 April 2019, 5–7pm
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PUBLIC PROGRAMME - Minwha Class (Sold-out)

Create your own Minhwa canvas bag with Minhwa painters
Friday 5 April 2019, 6-8pm