• This event is supported by the KCCUK in line with the current online screening, A Viewing Room.

We are pleased to announce Spaces and Stories from Our Bodies, a two-part workshop by artists, Taey Iohe, and the sister collective, Rice Brewing Sisters Club, curated by Annie Jael Kwan.

About this event

‘The art of pace’, led by Taey Iohe, explores looking at ourselves as relational ecosystems. Conceptually we will aim to be connecting a core circle of ourselves, to the outer rim of our relationships to the world, through meditation and drawing exercises. These ecosystems are ever-expanding and mutating, and are always-already inter-related. Utilising “’creating your own (s)pace,” as a tool for navigating and negotiating survival in changing and politically charged dynamics, this workshop segment explores how we express the integrity of our solitary selves in motion and negotiation between the communities in which we belong.

Cheopcheopdamdam Iyagigeuk is a poetic compilation of stories that RBSC collected in the mountainous region of Bongpyeong. In the second segment of this workshop, led by the Rice Brewing Sisters Club, we gather another set of stories and memories – passed down from our grandmas and aunties through our bodies – and together create a visual and poetic compilation. Through this small activity, we hope to find ways in which local stories gain transregional resonance, grounded in our physical environment yet traveling to the online world and beyond.

Followed by a conversation, moderated by Annie Jael Kwan.

Asia Art Activism is a cross-disciplinary and intergenerational network of artists, curators and academics investigating ‘Asia’, ‘art’ and ‘activism’ in the UK through research, dialogue, practice and collective work.

*Free to register but places are limited.