“For Unfolding your own Heart”
The Preface of Hunminjeongeum

At the Korean Cultural Centre UK, we aspire to forge a new future through culture, intertwining creativity to enhance the lives of all.

We embark on a cultural journey to open up an
emotional wellness for everyone, setting "Future" as our guiding light with creativity, connectivity, and passion as our three foundational pillars.

We envision bridging the seemingly disparate - you and I, Korea and the UK, the past and the future, tradition and modernity, reality and fantasy - in a harmonious yin and yang, thereby crafting a "blended identity" that defines the new future.

This path will be marked by challenge
and changes as we strive to express the fundamental nature of the human emotions and realise the ultimate form of inclusive humanism. Should a distant tomorrow inquire about the dreams we dreamt, our reply will be this: In opening a new future through culture, Korea and the UK stood as the closest of friends. 

We invite everyone to join us on this journey.

With best wishes,

Dr. Seunghye Sun | Director of the Korean Cultural Centre UK