Presented in Europe for the very first time, Pawn explores the heartwarming development of an unlikely bond between 9 year old Seung Yi and her reluctant hosts, with standout performances from Sung Dong-il (Metamorphosis) and Kim Hiewon (The Merciless) as loan sharks. Pawn is directed by Kang Dae Kyu whose previous works include the box-office smash Harmony and edited by Yang Jinmo who received an Academy Award nomination for his work on Parasite. Director Kang will share his personal and professional highlights in a post screening pre-recorded Q&A.


Pawn is a heartwarming, tear-inducing film that offers a unique and touching exploration of a family. Featuring veteran actor Sung Dong-il, who appears as a debt collector, the movie portrays how he becomes the guardian and eventually close family of a 9-yearold girl, whose adult role is played by film diva Ha Ji-won. Released in Korea during the Chuseok holiday in September 2020, the high-profile melodrama received strong viewer ratings for its moving performances.

Cast: Sung Dong Il, Ha Ji Won, Kim Hiewon

Director: Kang Dae Kyu

Writer: Shon Joo Yeon, JK Youn

Producer: Choi Jun Ho