Juvenile Offender

Jigu is a teenager who ends up sentenced to a juvenile reformatory, mostly for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's not his natural habitat, and we sense that his life at this moment hangs in the balance. Then something completely unexpected happens: the reformatory establishes contact with Jigu's mother. Having been raised by his grandfather, Jigu has virtually no memory of his mother, and he's not sure what to make of her sudden appearance in his life. It also soon becomes clear that his mother is just as needy and vulnerable as he is.

Two outstanding performances by teen actor Seo Youngju (Best Actor at the 2012 Tokyo International Film Festival) and Lee Junghyun (Peninsula, 2020) combine with sensitive and skilled directing by Kang Yikwan (Sa-Kwa, 2008) to make this powerful, honest film an unforgettable watch.

Cast: Lee Junghyun, Seo Youngju, Jun Yejin

Director: Kang Yikwan

Writer: Kang Yikwan, Park Jooyoung

Producer: Park Jooyoung