In 15th-century Joseon, Deok-ho (Cho Jin-woong) and his small crew of ‘jester’ racketeers use theatrical illusions to distort public perceptions. They are hired by the premier Han Myeong-hoe (Son Hyun-joo) to restore the damaged reputation of King Sejo (Park Heesoon) - but when they realise that they might themselves have been tricked, they will resort to one final coup de théâtre to expose the treachery of the ruling class.

In this second feature from writer/director Kim Joo-ho (THE GRAND HEIST, 2012), the jesters' staged miracles combine performance, designed sets and special effects, and so are strongly metacinematic, repeatedly deconstructing the film’s own elaborate fictions, while illustrating the power of the arts both as a tool for propaganda and a means to speak truth to power. Accordingly, this is as much about the present day as the annals of Korean history. It is also twisty, spectacular, and very funny.

Cast: Cho Jin-woong, Son Hyun-joo, Park Hee-soon

Director: Kim Joo-ho

Writer: Kim Jinwook, Sin Dongik

Producer: Kim Uiseong, Jeon Min