Based on the 1953 novel by Oh Young-soo, The Seashore Village was one of the earliest successful munye (literary adaptation) films, a genre which would come to define much of South Korean cinema during the 1960s. Kim Soo-yong directed an astonishing 109 films between 1958 and his retirement in 1999, and during his most active period in the 1960s, regularly made several films a year. His 34th feature, The Seashore Village, was a collaboration with Ho Hyun-chan - producer of the legendary, now lost Late Autumn (1966) with Lee Man-hee - and honours the power of female compassion to overcome tragic circumstances. (CHJ)

This screening includes a Q&A with director Kim Soo-yong.

Director: Kim Soo-Yong

Writer: Shin Bong-Seung

Producer: Kim Hyung Keun

Cast: Shin Young-Kyun, Ko Eun-Ah, Lee Min-Ja, Hwang Jung-Seun
Production Company: Dae Yang Films Co., LTD

Rights Holder: Ho So-Woong

Drama / 1965 / 91 min / CERT. 18 / B&W / 35mm