Through this mundane-sounding, anti-melodramatic tale, Park Chul-soo constructs an image of a whole generation of young, middle-class Korean women who, by the decade of the 1980s, were facing challenges unknown to most of their mothers: how to succeed in higher education, enter the world of work and at the same time maintain roles as wife and mother. Choi Myung-kil gives an understated performance as a young woman who will finally make the most difficult decision of her life. (MM)

Director: Park Chulk-Soo

Writer: Kim Sang-Su

Producer: Hwang Gi-Seong

Cast: Choi Myoung-Gil, Lee Young-Ha, Park Jung-Ja, Seo Kap-Sook

Production Company: Hwang Ki-Seong Production

Rights Holder: Hwang Ki-Seong Production

Drama / 1986 / 115 min / CERT. 18 / Colour / 35mm

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