This complex, beautiful and puzzling film is Lee Jang-ho’s most accomplished literary adaptation, transforming the uncanny fiction of Lee Je-ha into a visually haunting classic. Lee Bo-hee plays the wife, in flashbacks, then reappears as a part-time prostitute and also as a nurse taking a dying old man on his own impossible trajectory North. This is a very Korean – therefore universal – story of divided selves and sundered nations. The final shamanic rite by the riverside is one of the most mysterious scenes in Korean cinema. (MM)

Director: Lee Jang-Ho

Writer: Lee Je-Ha

Producer: Lee Jang-Ho

Cast: Lee Bo-Hee, Kim Myung-Kon, Ko Seol-Bong, Chu Seok-Yang

Production Company: Pan Films CO., LTD

Rights Holder: Lee Jang-Ho

Romance / 1987 / 105 min / CERT. 18 / Colour / DCP / Original Format: 35mm

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