A hectic main station, hordes of cars traversing the overpasses, rows of neon signs; in this Seoul she runs in her high heels, laughs out loud, and drinks beer. However, when night falls she boards the train, and returns home, where she must dutifully resume her role as sombre wife. Through the character of Ji-yeon, who, no matter where she is cannot remain silent, the film uses its visual beauty to recreate the disorder and uneasiness inherent for this woman making the transition from traditional to modern society. (JM)

Director: Lee Man-Hee

Writer: Baek Gyeol

Producer: U Gi-Dong

Cast: Kim Jin-Kyu, Moon Jung-Suk, Kim Chung-Chul, Lee Yong

Production Company: Se Ki Corporation

Rights Holder: Se Ki Corporation

Drama / 1967 / 91 min / CERT. 18 / B&W / DCP / Original Format: 35mm

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