Suha is a girl just entering her teens, and she’s not happy. She’s mourning her father who died a year ago, she’s having constant arguments with her mum, and she’s terrified of the dark. While staying at her grandma’s country home, Suha encounters a squat little man in a spacesuit, called Omu. He’s the Astro Gardener, a single-minded celestial caretaker, who protects the “dark” of the galaxies from the handsome but dangerous galactic pirate Pluto.

Suha embarks on an often funny space adventure, featuring a supercute puppy (who later becomes two supercute puppies), a scary hulking henchman who has a marshmallow heart, and a baseball game to save the universe. But Won Jong-shik’s Astro Gardener also explores a troubled adolescent girl’s dreams, which are sometimes joyful, sometimes dark, but finally empowering. (AOs)

Director: Won Jong-Shik

Writer: Won Jong-Shik

Producer: Won Jong-Shik

Cast: Kim Yeon-Woo, Bae Soo-Bin, Shin Yong-Woo

Production Company: Ashubia Animation Productions CO., LTD

International Sales: Finecut

Animation / 2019 / 75 min / CERT. U / Colour / DCP


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