Cheol-ho and his family are trapped in the prison of a powerful, unyielding social structure. He is a tortured soul and often ends up wandering around the streets of Seoul late at night. We witness him singing the popular ballad Sa-ui Chanmi (Praise of Death) to himself and this epitomises the feeling of self-hatred and hopelessness that has been central to Korean society since the Japanese occupation instituted a culture of domination and exploitation. Aimless Bullet is not simply an anti-war film; rather it extends to the wider context of human existence in all its chaotic glory. (KKH)

Director: Yu Hyun-Mok

Writer: Lee Jong-Gi, Lee I-Ryeong

Producer: Kim Seong-Chun

Cast: Kim Jin-Kyu, Choi Moo-Ryong, Seo Ae-Ja, Kim Hye-Jeong

Production Company: Daehan Films CO., LTD

Rights Holder: Korean Film Archive

Drama / 1961 / 112 min / CERT. 18 / B&W / DCP / Original Format: 35mm

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