The stage is the bland office of Seoul food manufacturer, Yumi, its corridors stalked by the ambitious Kim Pan-chok (Ahn Sung-ki), a salesman with a gift for self-promotion and a fierce devotion to a macho, militaristic form of capitalist endeavour: “Sleep More Than Four Hours, You’re Doomed,” reads a poster on his bedroom wall. Engaged in a bitter rivalry with another food company, Gammi, Pan-chok takes the opportunity to claw his way to the top via a web of romantic deceit and revenge. Boldly confrontational with a Brechtian tinge, Jang’s film took audiences aback at the time of its release but now stands as an irreverent assault on a business culture that would soon become the international norm. (DL)

Director: Jang Sun-Woo

Writer: Jang Sun-Woo

Producer: Hwang Gi-Seong

Cast: Ahn Sung-Ki, Lee Hye-Young, Choe Bong, Jeong Bu-Mi

Production Company: Hwang Ki-Seong Production

Rights Holder: Hwang Ki-Seong Production

Romance / 1988 / 112 min / CERT. 18 / Colour / DCP / Original Format: 35mm

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