MIIN-BODY TO BODY by collective A / Cha Jinyeob​

  • Accompanied by a hypnotic soundscape created by two acclaimed musicians based in Seoul, Eun-yong Sim from Korean Avant-rock band Jambinai, and haihm, an electronic musician, six female dancers flit between precise, discreet, feminine poses and aggressive, erratic movements to embody all aspects of a woman.

    Miin (미인) is a Korean word meaning ‘beautiful person’, but is more often used as a synonym for ‘beautiful woman’. This work challenges the meaning of 'beauty' and encourages women to embrace their bodies as they are without succumbing to unrealistic expectations.

    MIIN-BODY TO BODY won the 2017 best dance award of The Korean Association of Dance Critics and Researchers.

    Duration: 60mins
    Age Recommendation: 8+

Additional Events

  • Post-Show Talk, SAT 25 Jun: Post-Show Talk | Free
    Join artists involved in the show for a discussion about the work.

    * Accessibility: The post-show talk will be BSL Interpreted and translated from English to Korean and Korean to English.

About collective A / Cha Jinyeob​

  • Cha Jinyeob​ is the founder and artistic director of collective A. Having been the director of the choreography for the opening and closing ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, she has worked with numerous companies and choreographers internationally including LDP Company of Korea, Hofesh Shechter Company (UK), Galili Dance company (Netherlands), and the English National Opera (UK). Cha is known for her style of breaking the existing form of performance with the force of various disciplines of arts-integrated, covering issues with gender, power etc. She has received Today’s Young Artist Award from the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, as well as an award for choreography of Korea Musical Awards, and Dance Critic's Award. Cha continues to open research sessions as collective A LAB for artists of various disciplines, offering them opportunities to collaborate and continue.
  • collective A is based in Seoul. Since its inception in 2012, the group invites creators, dancers and artists of various disciplines to explore and research how different micro perspectives transform into new experiences and discoveries when reconstructed together. The group is especially known for going beyond the traditional forms of performances, breaking barriers of limited space, genre, and format. Ultimately, collective A aims to challenge the meaning of interdisciplinary arts and its limitations, breaking the barriers of artistic dichotomies.