During the 2019-20 Academic year, we are pleased to offer the Korean Language Course and Sewing: Korean Traditional Patchwork/silk Craft (Bojagi: Jogakbo).

Korean Language Course

At the Korean language course, from this term starting in January, there are two levels for beginners and intermediate.

  • Beginners: No previous knowledge/experience required. A good level of English will be helpful. Your tutor will be a native speaker of Korean but will use English as the common linguistic medium for grammatical input.
  • Intermediate: The course covers the developing language skills in Korean based on the Beginners course. The course focuses on developing speaking, listening and reading skills and various grammar points and vocabulary that will form a good grounding. By the end of the course, participants should be able to communicate in daily life situations, to express their wishes, and to describe some events.

Sewing: Korean Traditional Patchwork/silk Craft (Bojagi: Jogakbo)

The Sewing: Korean Traditional Patchwork/silk Craft (Bojagi: Jogakbo), it is a Korean silk craft for all levels and you could learn how to make beautiful items with Korean silk and get the skills associated traditional Korean patchwork.

To find more details and join the course, please visit the link below.

Korean Beginner: http://www.hfals.co.uk/courses/languages-korean/languages-beginners/korean-beginners-stage-1/

Korean Intermediate: http://www.hfals.co.uk/courses/languages-korean/languages-lower-intermediate/korean-lower-intermediate-stage-1/

Korean Pathwork: http://www.hfals.co.uk/courses/art-craft-and-design/korean-traditional-patchwork/sewing-korean-traditional-patchworksilk-craft-bojagi-jogakbo/