During the 2019-20 Academic year, we are pleased to offer the Korean Language Course and Sewing: Korean Traditional Patchwork/silk Craft (Bojagi: Jogakbo).

At the Korean language course, this is term 3 and this is the course for who finished Sejong Korean 1 and who have had at least 60 hours of classroom lessons and we are going to start it from Sejong Korean 2. At this term, we are going to deals with vocabulary and grammar related to the past, weather, seasons, time, and appointments. If you have basic knowledge of Korean, please join us to develop your language skills.

The Sewing: Korean Traditional Patchwork/silk Craft (Bojagi: Jogakbo), it is a Korean silk craft and you could learn how to make beautiful items with Korean silk and get the skills associated traditional Korean patchwork.

To join the course, please visit the link below.

Korean: http://www.hfals.co.uk/courses/languages-korean/languages-beginners/korean-beginners-stage-3/

Korean Pathwork: http://www.hfals.co.uk/courses/art-craft-and-design/korean-traditional-patchwork/sewing-korean-traditional-patchworksilk-craft-bojagi-jogakbo/