K-Pop World Festival: UK Regional Round

Date/Time : Sat 8 July 2017, 2pm - 3.30pm

Venue : Olympia London, National Hall (Hammersmith Rd, London W14 8UX)


  • Any non-Korean, aged over 16, who is not prevented from travelling overseas can apply to take part in the festival
  • UK Regional Round: Singing & Dancing Competition

Online Applications must be received by Sun 18 June 2017

  • Upload your video of you performing a K-Pop song or K-Pop cover dance on Youtube. (less than 5min)
  • Complete the application form including the Youtube link to your video and then send it via email to info@kccuk.org.uk
  • If you don’t receive a confirmation mail, Please call to 020 7004 2600
  • The successful applicants will be announced on the KCCUK homepage on Friday 23 June 2017 and contacted individually via email

Prize for the Winners (1 singing and 1 dance performance team)

  • Qualification to participate in the final online-competition for the opportunity to join 2017 K-Pop World Festival in Korea as representatives of the UK
  • Small gifts


  • Member of K-POP idol KNK + Tammy Mejia (LoKo, K-Pop dance cover group) + Will Simms (Multi-award winning music producer & songwriter)

Free Admission

  • With regards to obtaining the free tickets for the event, if you register by email via info@kccuk.org.uk and simply let us know whether you want to attend the event in that case, you need to let us know your details (age, name, email address) and a total of three tickets (1+2). The free tickets for the event are however limited and once our allocation are gone, they are gone.

For more information, please contact KCCUK

020 7004 2600/ info@kccuk.org.uk

K-POP World Festival Global Audition Information & Notice

2017 K-POP World Festival Production Schedule

1st Final Evaluation : 4 August

2nd Final Evaluation/ Announcement of the winners : mid August

Winners for the Final & Schedule of visit to Korea: 19 Sept - 1 Oct

The Final (Changwon): 29 September

○ Limitations of teams:

  • Allow only 2 back dancers for each singers entering the finals.
  • No limitations for dancers

※ For dancers, we might limit the number of your team members to make identical to the number of original music performers.

○ 1st Final Evaluation (4 August)

- Professional judges (K-POP experts + production crew):146 teams → 20-25 teams

- Deadline for submitting videos is 24:00 (Korea Standard time) 2 August.

- Participants required materials:

  • Singers: Performance video from regional final (we accept additional video)
  • Dancers: Performance video from regional final(we accept additional video)

Video of both singing and dancing

※ Dancing performers should reshoot a video of both singing and dancing and submit it with a video from the regional final. (Memorization of the lyrics is necessary. If selected as the finalist, the team will be recording the voice for the performance in Korea)

○ 2nd Final Evaluation (Mid August)

  • It is not required to submit an extra video, unless we ask for it. 1st and 2nd final evaluations will be made based on the same video.
  • Professional judges (K-POP experts + production crew): 20-25 teams → 12-14 teams
  • Deadline for submitting videos is 24:00 (Korea Standard Time) 15th August (Monday).

※ Production crew may ask singers to change the song or to edit the video.

※ It is required for dancers to practice and rehearse for AR production.

○ Announcement of the Finalist (Mid August)