‘Soojin Suh launches a barrage from behind the kit’ (Downbeat)

  • SooJin Suh is one of Korea’s leading experimental drummers, she began studying music from the age of 5 and is a graduate of the City College of New York. SooJin has released four records (The Moon in Your Hand, Strange Liberation, Colorist, and Embrace) along with the new album “Roots To Branches” in April of this year.
Colorist ll - Rain Drops by Soojin Suh Coloris Trio
  • Her trio works dynamically to blend their "melodic breath", which is a principal concept from Korean traditional music. Their detailed arrangements and improvisation are derived from the pulse of the melody, making way for striking moments and musical textures that come from a uniquely Korean aesthetic, in which each player's role has been expanded beyond traditional composition.
  • MOBO-nominated Nigerian-born saxophonist Camilla George fuses African and Western sounds to achieve a beautiful blend of Afrofuturism, hip hop and jazz. A star of the renowned Jazz Jamaica, George has since gone on to produce two albums of critical acclaim in ‘Isang’ and ‘The People Could Fly’.

  • Camilla’s music is warm yet authoritative, relaxed yet imaginative, as she’s described by the Evening Standard as “The Golden Girl of Jazz”.
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