"Extracting intricate and experimental compositions from stringed folk instruments the gayageum and geomungo." - The Guardian

"An astonishing performance." - Uncut

  • Dal:um is a Seoul-based musical duo who challenges the sonic possibilities of Korea’s most well-known traditional string instruments: the gayageum (played by Ha Suyean) and geomungo (played by Hwang Hyeyoung). Ethereal and otherworldly, Dal:um creates a compelling soundworld that treasures subtle dynamics and the space between the notes.

  • Despite their apparent similarity, the gayageum and geomungo are surprisingly different from each other in structure, playing techniques and tone. Dal:um show how innovative interpretations create a harmony of strong energy and beautiful voices of the two instruments.

  • Dal:um’s beautifully balanced and expansive music is defined by inspired dialogue and creative paradox. They recently released the first album ‘Similar and different on Glitterbeat’s label imprint tak:til.

Tal by Dal:um