"There are tricky time signatures, a nod of thanks to Ornette Coleman’s Lonely Woman for a guitar solo, and constant tonal shifts from the geomungo itself. Elegant and accomplished" (★★★★ Karma 2019, Guardian)

  • New sounds from the ancient instruments create their unique musical language drawing on traditional Korean music, jazz, and improvisation. Extraordinary, enigmatic music wells up from silence and grasps the senses.

  • ACT artists Black String burst on to the London scene in 2011, their rise to the top saw them close K-Music 2019 to a rapturous crowd within the EFG London Jazz Festival. Their storming international debut Mask Dance earned them a 2018 Songlines Music Award, their award ceremony performance being a true representation of ‘borderless contemporary Korean music’.
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Karma by Black String

Nguyên Lê is a masterful, inventive player who has cultivated a wholly unique voice on the instrument, he ranks right up there with Frisell, John Scofield, Mike Stern & Allan Holdsworth in the post Hendrix world of jazz guitar (Jazztimes)

  • Born in Paris and of Vietnamese decent, Nguyên Lê began to play drums at the age of 15, later taking up guitar & electric bass. After graduating in Visual Arts, he majored in Philosophy, writing a thesis on Exoticism, returning to music to form "ULTRAMARINE"(1983), a multi-ethnic band whose release "DÉ" has been considered "1989's Best World Music album" Philippe Conrath, Libération.
Breathe by Nguyên Lê & OSI