Seven performers burst the confines of logic as they dismiss the notion that we watch dance and hear music exclusively.

Using physical force, the performers dismantle a piano creating a live soundtrack through their movements, inviting the audience to see the sounds as a spectator and hear movement as a listener.

Muak is inspired by the music with the same name by the composer Isang Yun. According to Yun, in Western music the tunes are made up by the composer. But in Asian music the tune already exists and it is the composer's role to simply find the tune. The dance and music are all pace of breath.

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About Art Project BORA

Art Project BORA is led by Bora Kim, who has emerged in recent years as Korea's most spotlighted contemporary dance choreographer. The Company has seen significant growth with their performances both at home and abroad such as Japan, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Uruguay and so on. Their continuous evolution helped them build up a repertoire of style and colors that remain unique to themselves. As a dance company, Art Project BORA defies the rigid constraints of logic and concepts, creating a feast of images and senses.

Founded on contemporary dance, Art Project BORA embraces different fields such as visual arts, films, performance art, music, and fashion. It’s a group that leads in the field of experimental work through the exchange of different genres.

Not only limit to having its performance in confined spaces such as theaters, it attempts to find varieties of methods to connect with the audience through breaking the barrier of genres and space concepts.

Pre-show Conversation, 6pm

Emma Gladstone, Artistic Director and Chief Executive of Dance Umbrella, will lead an engaging conversation with a guest panel of female, Korean choreographers; Jin Yeob Cha, Bora Kim and Sung Im Her, to discuss the subject of gender politics in Korean contemporary dance.

This pre-show seminar offers you the chance to delve deeper into the Korean contemporary dance scene and the issues that have been, and are, affecting it today.

Tickets: £5 or £2.50* if booked with a ticket to Art Project BORA's Muak (Tue 2 Jun, 7.30pm).
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