Blending physical theatre, miniature set design and puppetry, along with a melancholic live score, Trunk Theatre Project’s family-friendly adventure takes place entirely in outer space. Performed at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of the Korean showcase 2022, the charming show leans on the tradition of absurdism to tell the tale of two lonely astronauts who end up spending Christmas Day together. Suitable for all the family, it asks us to reflect on what it means to be able to spend time with a loved one in person.

Mary and Chris are two lonely astronauts floating through the cosmos in search of a friend. After a chance encounter throws them together, Mary and Chris end up spending Christmas Day together on the planet Mars. This timely, multimedia show entrances the younger member of the audience with a compelling story filled with surrealist elements. And for adults, it offers the chance to remember the importance of being able to meet those people we care the most for, even if that meeting takes place on Mars!

Trunk Theatre Project navigates both off-line and on-line spaces. They make compact miniature stage sets that fit in a trunk so that they can be taken out anytime, anywhere. From pre-production to design, rehearsal, and performance, all the steps are shared through an online platform. They find the meaning of the work by pursuing the irreplaceable uniqueness of the play.

Running Time: 50 mins | Suitable for all ages

Playwright and director : Yeeun Cho

Composer : Hahyungki Baek

Visual Supervisor : Eunhye Shin

Light Designer : Sohyun Kim

Sound Engineer : Jinho Park

Video Designer : Jonghyun Song

Photographer : Sein Park

Video Editior : Inkyu Lee

Translator : Lee Injung


Mary Yeeun Cho

Chris Wonjun Ryu

Mars Hyeon Park

Live Music performed by Hahyungki Baek & Jinho Park

Image c. Sein Park