How to participate in the contest

STEP 1. Go to and join the membership.

STEP 2. Click the detailed pages on each round of the contest

STEP 3-1 [Drawing, video, webtoon, photography] Create content and upload on your social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.) or personal website

STEP 3-2 [Essay] Write an essay in free format

STEP 4. Click the “Apply” button at the bottom of the page for each round of the contest. Submit your work by uploading the file or referring to the link where the content has been uploaded.

Eligible contest participants

People all around the world who love Korea

The following are not eligible to participate:
1) People with Korean nationality
2) Persons aged 14 or below

* A person aged 14 or below can participate if he or she obtains the consent of his or her legal guardian.

Contest schedule

Contest period: July 17 (Mon.) - September 17 (Sun.), 2023 KST

1st contest: July 17 (Mon.) - August 13 (Sun.), 2023

2nd contest: July 31 (Mon.) - September 3 (Sun.), 2023

3rd contest: August 14 (Mon.) - September 17 (Sun.), 2023

Special contest: July 17 (Mon.) - September 17 (Sun.), 2023

Screening period: September 25 (Mon.) - October 4 (Wed.), 2023

Winner announcement: October 6 (Fri.), 2023

Visiting Korea event: Beginning of November (8 nights 9 days) * Schedule subject to change