A huge thank you to everyone who applied for the K-Pop Academy this term, and congratulations to the applicants who have been selected for the programme. Successful applicants should receive an email confirmation as well.

  • M** D**si
  • M**ha Tab***um
  • A**ha A**i bal****
  • E**a De* Fu**o-F**g
  • M**k C*x
  • S**hie Ha***s-Ed***d
  • Je**s An**al G***ia Lo***
  • Br***e Mo****mery
  • E**an H**ton
  • N**alie R**ce
  • Ho**g Tr**ng
  • Ke**u Ad***ble
  • L**ra Su***rs
  • To***i A***ndra Be***aji
  • As**r-Ha**is Ga**e R**iu
  • Si**sa Pr*****yaat
  • Se**a Be***r
  • Fr***oise M***ssa Be***go La***e
  • Dh****h Gir***ar
  • Eli****th D***a R***s
  • S**a J**e Li***nberg
  • A**en B****to F***es
  • M***que V*n D** M**en
  • L*c Tu***ull
  • Ch****ya Kast*****rac**hige
  • Ka***ina Jachi***icz
  • Chr***ina K**ly
  • Ga**iel M***yfield
  • Ni**y Go***mis
  • Sh***da V**ay

Please make sure to check your email and send us a quick message to confirm your place to kccuk.thekpopacademy@gmail.com. Due to the popularity of the programme, if we do not hear from you we may have to offer your place to another applicant on the waiting list.

The first session will be held on Saturday, 5 March from 2.00-4.30pm at the KCCUK.

The K-Pop Academy is an educational course introducing K-Pop fans to all aspects of Korean culture, through a 12-week programme of lectures and workshops. Please check our website regularly for updates if you are interested in applying for next term’s K-Pop Academy.

And to all our new students: we look forward to meeting you this Saturday at the KCCUK!