Anyone can now participate in 'K-Language Festa' if they can create various information or stories related to Hangeul and Korean in their daily lives.

K-Language Festa, a festival about Hangeul and Korean, where you can participate, share, and enjoy with various people not only around you but all around the world.

Check out the KLF community website ( for detailed and interesting information.

1. Contest Category

Category 1 - Hangeul•Korean Study: Hangeul • Korean teaching method or learning method, special lecture or educational content (puppet show, animation, etc.) that you want to share

Category 2 - Hangul•Korean Story: Stories in the Hangeul or Korean education field, contents of various topics and contents related to Hangeul and Korean (drama, documentary, etc.)

2. Contest Schedule

1) Video Application

Jul 15, 2022 ~ Oct 9, 2022

(Apply via website)

2) Evaluation and Online Sharing

Oct ~ Nov 2022

Hangeul Day Party (Oct 7, 2022)

- Online theaters with videos from all over the world, and evaluation participated by online visitors

- Preliminary rounds and final rounds for the videos received

3) Final Announcement and Award Ceremony

Nov 25, 2022

K-Language Festa 2022 Awards held both online and offline

Online live broadcasting to the world

3. Contest Target

Teachers and students involved in Hangeul•Korean education institutes such as Sejong Institute, Hangeul School, etc. around the world

Teachers and students in elementary school, middle school, high school, and departments of university that have established Korean curriculum around the world teachers and students

Members of clubs, organizations, and institutions related to Hangeul and Korean around the world

All content creators who can challenge to plan and produce video contents on Hangeul and Korean topics

4. Contest Procedures

1) Step 1

 Plan and produce a video considering contest categories.

 (or) You can also use videos made previously.

2) Step 2

 Upload the video to your own or team's YouTube channel.

 Arrange the video privacy setting to 'Public' or 'Unlisted.'

3) Step 3

 After uploading the video to the YouTube channel, copy the 'sharing' link information.

 Click on the Apply menu at the top of K-Language Festa website to complete the application.

5. Awards

The Grand Prize, for 1, ₩ 5,000,000

The Most Excellent Prize for 4 (2 Videos for each category), ₩ 3.000,000 (for each)

The Excellent Prize for 4 (2 Videos for each category), ₩ 2.000,000 (for each)

The Encouragement Prize for 20 (10 Videos for each category), ₩500,000 (for each)

The Special Prize for 1, ₩ 2.000,000

Total 30 Videos ₩ 36,000,000

6. Contacts

Sejong Institute of Korean Language and Culture
KLFesta Office of Foreign Cooperation +82-70-7773-9955/

More information: