The Cultural Heritage Administration has released the web-drama series 300 Year-Old Class of 2020, which tells the story of three people of the Joseon Dynasty who find themselves accidentally arriving in 2020.

The series is to promote "Seowon", the Neo-Confucian academies in Korea during the Joseon dynasty (15th – 19th centuries). There are nine Seowon (Sosu-seowon, Namgye-seowon, Oksan-seowon, Dosan-seowon, Piram-seowon, Dodong-seowon, Byeongsan-seowon, Museong-seowon and Donam-seowon) which were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Register in 2019.

Consisting of six episodes of ten minutes each, the series is a fantasy comic web drama that tells a story of three students, who were studying in Seowon, accidentally time travel and arrive in the present-day. It was filmed and set in nine Seowon (UNESCO World Heritage sites) and stars up and coming actors and actresses such as Choi Ji Su, Noh Sang Hyun, Lee Se Jin and Gong Jae Hyun.

Check out the episodes here.

'300 Year-Old Class of 2020' 70s Teaser