2019 ACC_R International Residency Open Call Guideline - ACC(Asia Culture Center) is a platform for research and creation where ideas are made and exchanged focusing on art and culture in Asia. This also leads to the production of outcomes that break from conventional forms and transcend boundaries of genre and field. In this context, ACC is seeking for ‘researchers of Asian culture’, ‘creators’, ‘mediators’ and ‘designers’ willing to participate in its ACC_R international Residency Program.


- Open call announcement : Feb 22
– March 15, 2019
- Application received : March 7
– March 15, 2019 ※ Starting on 10am, Korean time
- Application review: March 18 – 20, 2019
- Short list announcement : March 21, 2019
- Second evaluation (document-based, interview, etc.) : March 25 – 27, 2019
- Final announcement : March 29, 2019
※ Schedule is subject to change
※ Selection process differs by programs. Please refer to the detailed guideline


- Judging criteria : organized judging committee will select the candidate that has submitted a plan and portfolio appropriate to the program’s goal
- Process : Application review → Second Evaluation(document-based or interview) → Selection and announcement(Friday, March 29)

(download from ACC website: https://www.acc.go.kr/notice/Asianews/list/904)

- Application
- Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement
- One Project plan or research proposal - One Portfolio (free-form including doc, PPT, video, URL etc)

  • For videos, include a link of Youtube or Vimeo in the portfolio file. The video should not be longer than 5 minutes.
  • Attachments can be uploaded up to 50MB
  • Please double check all the required documents

Application information

- Online submission at www.acc.go.kr

  • Online only/post, on-site submission are not admitted
  • Should you have any problems, please contact the team in charge
  • Applications should be received by 6pm on the due date, Korean time/Please refer to the detailed guideline for more information


- Any deliberate omission or false information found in the submissions may lead to revocation of selection or other disadvantages.
- The program does not support a project that has been already supported by another institution. If you are found to have received support for a single project from multiple institutions, your selection may be revoked even in the future.
- The participant is liable for an intellectual property right dispute with third parties.

  • Selection will be revoked if the selected applicant is found to have used another person’s idea without permission or infringed another person’s intellectual property right

- Participants must follow the general regulations and confirm this by signing a separate agreement
- Policy regarding the copyright of the outcome differs by program