The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul (MMCA) has uploaded a large number of exhibition videos and other content to its YouTube channel, with English subtitles added to many of its videos.

The museum will also show the exhibition "Reframing the Horizon of Crafts in Korea 1950-70" slated for the second half of this year in virtual reality (VR).

For those of you more interested in history, the National Museum of Korea in Seoul offers a virtual tour of its online exhibition halls, giving you an authentic museum-going experience from the comfort of your home.

And you can even visit the National Taekwondo Museum using its virtual tour feature for insight into the history of Korean martial arts and some stay-at-home exercise inspiration.

Finally, the National Library of Korea has uploaded a wide range of fascinating digital collections to its English-language website - there's nothing like getting lost in a library to pass the time.