Korean boy band BTS have launched a web series via the social media app Weverse to help fans teach themselves Korean.

As reported by the BBC, the episodes are “designed to make it easy and fun for global fans who have difficulty enjoying BTS’ music and contents due to the language barrier.”

Each of the three-minute episodes will focus on simple Korean grammar and expressions, with the lesson plan developed by Professor Heo Yong of the Department of Korean Education at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies alongside researchers at the Korean Language Content Institute.

The King Sejong Institute is also a great place to look for online resources, from the introductory course on their website, to their vast range of educational YouTube videos.

To learn some useful phrases for your trip to Korea, you can check out this digital booklet of Practical Korean Expressions for Foreigners.

And if you want to practise your Korean listening skills while learning more about all aspects of Korean culture, we'd recommend the Korean Culture Portal and K-Heritage TV (by the Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation), two educational online channels with interesting content and English subtitles.