Join us for a screening of “The Flower in Hell,” an early masterpiece by director Shin Sang-ok that vividly portrays the societal dynamics of post-war Korea.

Set in a weary Seoul, the film follows a gripping love triangle involving Yeong-sik, leader of a munitions-stealing syndicate, Dong-sik, his searching brother, and Sonya, Yeong-sik’s unapologetic lover and sex worker.

This cinematic gem authentically captures the complexities of Korean society, blending Italian neorealism with elements of Western crime noir and melodrama. Through themes of urban versus rural life and spiritual versus material values, the narrative unfolds with Dong-sik’s eventual return to his hometown symbolising a triumph of heritage and inner strength.

Central to the plot is Sonya, portrayed by Choi Eun-hee, a captivating femme fatale who challenges traditional narrative structures with her intricate character portrayal.